The unique farming of the $HYDRA token on the TON blockchain

The unique farming of the $HYDRA token on the TON blockchain

$HYDRA is a token on the TON blockchain with a mechanism for stable and profitable farming through providing liquidity in pools. This process is facilitated by a unique tool of the DEX exchange called boosts (rewards).

The $HYDRA economy is unique because most tokens can only be obtained through liquidity contribution rewards, making investments safer and more predictable. LP token owners receive rewards proportionate to their liquidity contribution, promoting sustainable growth in the value of $HYDRA. This model encourages holders to participate long-term, offering significant benefits and stimulating ongoing interest in maintaining and increasing liquidity, ultimately making $HYDRA one of the most stable and reliable assets on the TON blockchain.

Main Goals and Concept

The $HYDRA token is not just a fleeting project in the volatile cryptocurrency market. This token is designed with a clear, long-term goal—to create a stable ecosystem that provides investors with a safe space for earnings and opportunities for clear decentralized governance of the project's development direction.


The token's price is not solely dependent on the TON rate; it is stabilized through a pool with USDT and joint pairs with over 50 different tokens. These are aligned and traded by arbitrage bots. The $HYDRA token chart shows a stable upward trend with minor corrections.

Decentralized Management

Unlike many tokens where decisions are made centrally by the project team, $HYDRA relies on decentralization principles. All key decisions regarding the management of the token and its reserves are made by the DAO through voting mechanisms. This not only strengthens trust in the project and demonstrates its transparency but also allows every active community member to have a real impact on its development and scaling.

Long-term Perspective

$HYDRA is envisioned as a project for decades, achieved through a sustainable token distribution plan where a large portion of the coins is locked in the exchange boost system for many years. This approach not only ensures a gradual and predictable increase in supply but also encourages token holders to interact long-term with the project.

Transparency and Engagement

The $HYDRA project prioritizes transparency of all operations and active community involvement. This is achieved through regular video conferences and active communication via the project's Telegram forum.

These main concepts and goals make $HYDRA not just another token on the market but a significant and important project with great potential.

Transparent Tokenomics

$HYDRA is designed to ensure long-term sustainability and value growth while stimulating active community participation in farming and governance processes. Key aspects of tokenomics include simple and transparent coin distribution.

Token Distribution

  • Initial Liquidity

Initially, only 0.66% of the total token volume is allocated for liquidity provision. This relatively small percentage helps minimize risks of sharp price fluctuations after the token launch. The lock-up of the initial liquidity can be checked here. All other liquidity is contributed by independent providers.

  • Token Farming Through Rewards

14.34% of tokens are allocated for rewards to users participating in farming. These rewards are intended to encourage users to continually participate in liquidity management processes and maintain active economic activity around the token. This can be verified by reviewing the current rewards across all pools with the HYDRA token.

  • Locked for the Future

85% of tokens are locked for many years to support and expand liquidity pools. This ensures a gradual introduction of tokens into circulation and maintains their value on a long-term basis. The lock-up can be checked here.

Marketing and Development

To ensure successful popularization and dissemination of the $HYDRA token in the market, the project implements an effective organic marketing strategy. It focuses on attracting new liquidity providers, strengthening trust with existing participants, and deepening integration with key platforms in the TON ecosystem.

Marketing Strategy

  1. Purchase advertising from major opinion leaders on TON
  2. Presence and promotion on social media: $HYDRA uses platforms like Telegram and Twitter for regular updates, discussions, and direct communication with the existing community and attracting new members.
  3. Educational content: Publication of video tutorials that explain how to participate in farming, the benefits of decentralized management, and other aspects of working with $HYDRA and the TON blockchain.

The first part of the educational video series

Collaboration and Mutual Benefits

$HYDRA actively seeks partnership opportunities to expand its ecosystem and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with other projects on the TON blockchain. Through strategic collaboration, $HYDRA not only increases its liquidity and recognition but also provides broader opportunities for growth and innovation for itself and its partners.

Opportunities for New and Existing Projects

  • Creation of joint liquidity pools

$HYDRA invites founders of other tokens to create joint liquidity pools. This not only increases trading volumes and liquidity for both assets but also creates additional benefits for holders of both sides through the reward system. A full list of all existing liquidity pools can be viewed through this link.

  • Long-term Investments in Rewards

The project offers unique conditions for long-term collaboration, including investments in rewards for new liquidity pools for up to 14 years. This ensures sustained interest and support for the pools, promoting their longevity and prosperity.

  • Minimum Requirements for Participation

To create a new liquidity pool with $HYDRA, compliance with relatively low threshold values, such as a minimum total volume of liquidity (TVL) of $5,000, is required. This makes partnership with $HYDRA accessible even to beginners and small projects.

Development Plans

In the near future, the launch of its own utility NFT collection called hydrants, which will "pump" the hydra and be the pass to a closed community of holders.

As part of the upcoming presale of HYDRANT NFTs, 80% of the proceeds from sales will be directed to the purchase of $HYDRA tokens and the formation of a general pool for farming, promoting the economic model's stability. The remaining 20% are distributed among team members to support development, administration, and marketing. NFT sales and subsequent reward mining will be conducted through a specially developed bot, ensuring automation and convenience in managing assets. Additionally, royalties from NFT resales are split equally, supporting both the farming pool and the project team, stimulating further development and improvement of the $HYDRA ecosystem.


The $HYDRA project represents a promising initiative in the world of decentralized finance, combining cutting-edge TON blockchain technology and unique integration into the decentralized exchange DeDust. With its unique features, transparent economy, and active community involvement, $HYDRA sets new standards in token farming.

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