I'm Yura Sherman, a full-stack developer with extensive industry experience. Interested in #React #JAMstack #Ethereum #DeFi.

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VVeil Market - First Impressions

16.01.20183 Min Read — In DeFi

Veil , a prediction market built on top of Augur, has officially launched and in this post we're going to try it out. What is Veil? Veil is a peer-to-peer prediction market and derivatives platform…

BBlazing Fast Websites with GatsbyJS/Netlify

15.01.20181 Min Read — In Development

GatsbyJS + Netlify combo shows absolutely incredible performance out of the box. No CDN configurations or other tinkering is required. Here is what Google's Pagespeed Insights has to say about this…

AAwesome blockchain games

14.01.20181 Min Read — In Blockchain

I'm collecting blockchain games with public source code at this awesome list . Feel free to add your favorite games.