Things Token - it's quite the thing

Things Token - it's quite the thing

Things Token is the first project on the TON blockchain aimed at developing an innovative platform for tokenizing real-world assets (RWA). The main task of the project is to optimize and simplify the process of buying, selling, and exchanging assets, making them accessible to a wide audience, including both beginners and experienced users in the world of cryptocurrencies. To achieve this, Things will create a number of its own protocols and standards, which will eventually become open to the entire industry. The main product of the project will be a platform that allows any user to tokenize assets and attract the attention of potential buyers.

Additionally, the project includes mining and presale, providing all participants the opportunity to acquire the tokens $THNGP and $THNG, each of which performs unique functions within the ecosystem. This is also important for the even distribution of token issuance.


Two-tier token system:

$THNGP: A token with voting rights in the DAO, available through mining and participating in the presale. It can be exchanged for $THNG at a ratio of 1:10. The circulation of this token is limited to one shipment (in case of the need to change the wallet, for example). It can be freely sent and received only from mining, voting, and exchange (conversion) smart contracts. Do not attempt to sell these tokens or transfer them to exchanges.

$THNG: A freely tradable token for trading, transferring, and anything else.


50% of Things' issuance will be distributed through PoW mining of the $THNGP token. For the convenience of users, the team has prepared a Telegram bot that will help even a novice start mining.


This summer, Things Token launches an innovative mini-app in Telegram with an integrated voting feature for $THNGP token holders. In this app, each token owner will not only be able to propose new initiatives but also actively participate in the discussion of current issues. Decisions on key aspects of DAO activities will be made exclusively based on consensus among $THNGP holders, ensuring democracy and fairness in the decision-making process.

Things RWA Platform

The launch of the platform is planned for this year. It will provide the opportunity to tokenize both individual rare goods and mass assets for a wide range of users.

Within the platform, there will be four types of process participants:

  1. Creator
  2. Creator (professional level)
  3. Buyers and sellers
  4. Custodians (will be selected from $THNGP holders, creating additional income opportunities)

Anyone will be able to tokenize their asset(s), and platform participants will have the opportunity to buy a part of it, receive income from its value growth, require reports, and sell assets if necessary.

This is a fantastic opportunity for ordinary users to receive fair rewards for rare assets, as well as for entrepreneurs needing investments for development.

Things analytics flow

Things places great importance on information accessibility and the ability to interact with it, so this summer, an analytical resource will appear where anyone interested can familiarize themselves with key information related to the project, such as:

  • the number of conversions and the volume of $THNGP holders (as an important system indicator);
  • main wallets, their behavior models;
  • the state of the Things fund;
  • recent transactions requiring attention;
  • and much more, which will help project participants be aware of all significant processes.

Other details

  1. Users of Things will eventually realize the value

-  When exchanging $THNGP for $THNG, the smart contract burns $THNGP, increasing its value for the rest. Also, when exchanging $THNGP, they lose their voting rights in the DAO.

  1. Maintaining exclusivity

-  DAO members owning $THNGP will have access to various airdrops, collaborations, and private events in the future.

  1. Fairness

-  Only 4.5% of the total emission belongs to the Things fund. None of these coins are considered for sale as a means of benefiting the project team.

Tokenomics based on $THNGP (in $THNG it is 10 times more according to the conversion rate):

An important aspect of the tokenomics is that 20% of the issuance will be burned after the start. This will occur through the conversion of $THNGP into $THNG, necessary to form a liquidity pool, which will be secured in the $THNG / $TON pair.


The team has extensive experience in traditional business and marketing in international companies, and the CTO of the project is a laureate of TON Foundation grants, author of several guides in the official TON documentation, and a top-3 developer on





Onboarding bot: @Things_token_bot