MuscleCare is an innovative crypto initiative created to unite the community's efforts in the fight against muscle diseases and to raise awareness about them.

About the Project

MuscleCare is a charitable project conceived and founded by people who have faced rare muscle diseases.

The goal of the project is to raise funds and create a platform for assistance, and eventually build a unique center where patients, doctors, researchers, and public figures can communicate, share information and resources, and support projects aimed at studying and treating muscle diseases.

By investing in MuscleCare, you are supporting not only scientific research but also providing real support to those who face these severe diseases every day. By joining the MuscleCare community, each of us can help change lives for the better and give hope to those who need it most.


The project's crypto token is MuscleCoin (MCL), and soon participants will be able to purchase it during the presale. The token is issued on the TON blockchain, and the entire token issuance will be distributed via smart contracts, so you can easily track it.


  • Total supply: 100,000,000 $MCL
  • Presale supply: 28,000,000 / 28% $MCL
  • Main goals (Charity): 20,000,000 / 20% $MCL
  • Liquidity DEX/CEX+MM: 23,000,000 / 23% $MCL
  • Development team: 9,000,000 / 9% $MCL
  • Marketing/Collaborations: 8,000,000 / 8% $MCL
  • NFT collection: 5,000,000 / 5% $MCL
  • Mini-app/Airdrop/Bonuses: 7,000,000 / 7% $MCL

This token not only represents an investment opportunity but will also be used to reward the most active members of our community and stimulate the development of our ecosystem.

Platform Functions

The developed MuscleCare platform will include the following functions:

  1. Funding research into muscle diseases, including further development of a real product in the form of a clinic and a research center for creating treatments for various types of muscle diseases.
  2. Creating educational materials and holding events to raise awareness about muscle diseases.
  3. Supporting patients, families, and specialists in the field of muscular dystrophy.
  4. Organizing fundraising events and raising awareness about the problem.
  5. Developing the token and crypto ecosystem within MuscleCare.


  • Develop and present the project's main product, the "charity bot";
  • Token listing;
  • Referral and bonus campaign for the community ecosystem;
  • Presentation of the NFT collection;
  • Development and presentation of a mini-application;
  • Social and charitable collaborations with major projects in the TON ecosystem and beyond.

The project team understands the importance of dedicating time and resources to developing the token and the community as a whole, and will strive to partner with other strong players in the TON ecosystem.

Right now on DYOR presale, the MuscleCare presale is launched - hurry to participate.

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