Launch token for your project

Follow a few simple steps to mint the token. This is not just a token minter on TON. With this minter, token founders can update links in the token card on

Basic Information
Step 1

Enter the basic information that will be stored in the blockchain

Token image*

File types supported: JPG and PNG
Required resolution: 256x256 pixels
Max. size: 5 MB

Your project unabbreviated name with spaces (usually 1-3 words)

Currency symbol appearing in balance (usually 3-5 uppercase chars)

The decimal precision of your token (9 is TON default)

Number of initial tokens to mint and send to your wallet address (float)

Optional sentence explaining about your project

Official links
Step 2

Fill out the links so that users who find your token on can understand in more detail what kind of project you have


This is what your token will look like on

Token nameSYMBOL


Total supply1M

Official links

The token will appear on the website immediately after deployment, but statistics and data will be displayed only after the first trades.