What is PENDER?

What is PENDER?

What is PENDER? The perfect blend of iconic classic and contemporary narrative? The embodiment of a new generation of meme-coins on the rapidly evolving TON network? All this and even more! PENDER is the explosive result of merging everyone's favorite iron robot from a well-known animated series (yes, that one) with our beloved familiar frog. This character is daring, impulsive, and thrill-seeking, but sometimes exhibits aristocratic traits. And it promises to become a significant player in the super-cycle of meme-coins!

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What is PENDER on TON?

PENDER ($PENDR) is a meme-coin with utility in the GambleFi and RWA sectors. It's a place where fun, profanity, and money blend together. The platform's development is in full swing, and the project team is already offering users the chance to participate in lotteries, even during the presale phase. But that's not all: the longer you hold $PENDR, the more opportunities open up for you, including RWA prizes, TON giveaways, bets on popular token rates, and much more.


As you know, most meme-coins are traded on the SOL network, but RoboFrog has chosen the TON blockchain. PENDER is a future cult that attracts both the old guard and the youth of the crypto-sphere and is already gaining momentum. Soon, it will be discussed in every community, in every corner of our market.

The project team has implemented a unique lottery mechanic in the presale, where each participant has a chance to earn even before receiving their $PENDR. Can you imagine your TON, invested in the presale, already bringing you from 10 to 100 times returns? With PENDER, this is not a fantasy - it's reality.

What would PENDER be without gambling? Correct, the team is working on creating a platform in the GambleFi sector, where you can try your luck, both in TON and in $PENDR. Of course, we always recommend being mindful of the risks (even if you feel lucky).

Cool concept - check. Gambling - check. What's left? Craft beer, girls, and tangible prizes! The team plans to pamper its holders and organize RWA (Real World Asset) lotteries for them. Wouldn't it be cool to meet up at an event with the creator of PENDER and share a beer, right?

PENDER is not just another meme-coin where your money will burn; it's a real project with a public team, ambitious plans, and concrete actions, not just empty words.


The project team has chosen the gold standards for PENDER. The token distribution is as follows:

  • A significant portion of $PENDR goes into liquidity.
  • A portion of the coins is allocated to the project team, marketing, and MM.
  • A portion of the coins is allocated for the presale.

More information can be found on the website thepender.com

Where and how to buy the $PENDR token?

$PENDR can be purchased on popular decentralized trading platforms. It is recommended to use Dedust.io, and future listings on centralized trading platforms (CEX) are expected.

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Official website

Official Telegram

Official Twitter

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