WEB3 token—what is it?

WEB3 token—what is it?
WEB3 token

Today in our blog — creators of the $WEB3 token! Let's talk about:

  • Vision
  • Ideas
  • Goals
  • Roadmap
  • Team
  • The value of the $WEB3 token

This project stands out from others with its ambitious goals and well-thought-out development plan. Let's dive into the details to better understand what lies behind this promising venture.

What is the value of the token?

The value of any token, as it is known, is directly related to how logically and extensively the key element of its ecosystem is used. 

In our case, this cornerstone is TON DNS from The Open Network, which declares itself as the future of the domain name industry's evolution. And these are not just empty words. We are on the threshold of transitioning to the Web3 era, where the main principles—decentralization, security, and the inviolability of digital property—are not just declarations but reality.

All this is embodied in .ton domains, which, in essence, are NFTs. They are unique in that they exist beyond the reach of domain registrars and centralized authorities. In this new world, your digital plot cannot be taken away by anyone, either due to political disagreements or censorship disputes. Here, every piece of digital land is securely attached to the TON blockchain, ensuring the owner's incontrovertible right of ownership.

So, speaking in simple terms, TON DNS opens the doors to a world where your digital assets are truly yours and are inaccessible for interference or confiscation. This is not just the next step in the evolution of domain names; it's a whole revolution that moves us into a new era of the internet – the Web3 era, where user rights and freedoms come first.

Why invest in WEB3?

The TON Foundation team has all the components to build a new generation of the internet, where each product is an essential puzzle piece in the complete picture of Web3:

  • TON Browser
  • TON Proxy
  • TON Sites
  • TON Storage
  • and TON Payments

And, of course, one cannot overlook the heart of this entire system—the underlying blockchain technology. It seems specifically sharpened for scalability, capable of processing hundreds of thousands of transactions each second—and that's far from the limit. Meanwhile, the fees remain surprisingly low. This technological breakthrough leaves all other blockchains behind. Those, for the most part, either have their architectural capacity for scalability in a nascent stage or are completely absent.

The introduction of cryptocurrency in TON goes beyond mere basic payments. This technology opens up a wide range of possibilities, becoming the foundation for many solutions and products on a global level. The connection with Telegram's multimillion audience, which is already in close symbiosis with TON, only adds power to it. And how can one ignore TON DNS? This element is extremely important for the realization of TON Foundation's plans; without it (as well as other ecosystem components), the structure would be incomplete, and the ideas would be unachievable. Hence, the project is inevitable to receive further support and development.

In other words, if you are already an investor and holder of Toncoin, pay attention to the basic components of the ecosystem after meticulously analyzing everything and understanding its essence.

Team and Club History

In our team and private club, enthusiasts who, based on their experience and intuition, sensed the potential of a great venture from its dawn have gathered. It wasn't difficult for us to see this prospect: we remember the domain boom of the late '90s when earning from domains was almost like picking money from a tree. Back then, many internet entrepreneurs, becoming domain investors, not only made a fortune but also laid the foundation for an entire industry—from domain companies to auctions and brokerage services. We see analogies with that golden time in the current project and support our belief in its success not with words but with personal investments, anticipating the birth of a new multimillion-dollar industry.

Studying past experiences and having a clear strategic vision led us to create a unique community, economic system, and utility token, forming an independent infrastructure. The success and growth of this system are closely linked to domain trading. Our club includes leading domain holders who have invested significant funds, including the project's founder @domainer (on Telegram), who, according to GetGems.io, tops the list with a portfolio of 1,281 domains. His initiative united us into a team actively contributing to the project's development, even outpacing official figures and those associated with the TON Foundation.

The infrastructure for domain investors is not just important; it is critically necessary, as is detailed training on all aspects of Web3 and TON DNS. The top domain holders are best equipped to build such infrastructure. Thanks to a deep understanding of the product, having the necessary resources, and unwavering belief in the success of Web3 based on TON, they possess all the key qualities for this task.

TON DNS Club, launched in September 2023, is already the largest international community of domain holders, bringing together enthusiasts, professionals, investors, and developers. The club offers a rich ecosystem with a network of channels and chats dedicated to Web3 and TON DNS, as well as functioning services and tools. 

Through the main channel @tondnsweb3 (on Telegram), the club shares the latest news about TON DNS and leads you into the world of decentralized internet, offering an extensive knowledge base on Web3 and TON DNS.

Team Achievements

The token was created with the aim of maximizing distribution among active TON network users and .ton domain holders, as well as developing an integrated ecosystem and its use in TON DNS Club products. After the token launch on January 24, 2024, we successfully held a Private Sale on January 26-28 for private club members at $10,000. The Presale took place on January 30-31. Following this, within two weeks, we accomplished the roadmap plan for the first quarter of the year, significantly ahead of the set tasks.

The token soared to $0.97 on DeDust, increasing 97 times from the Private Sale price, and ranked second in trading volume ($327k), as well as first place in voting on dyor.io. Listings were made on @xRocket (on Telegram) and STON.fi, ownership rights were canceled, and liquidity was locked until the year 2333. As part of the project, a traders' tournament was held, pool boosting on DeDust and farming on STON.fi were launched, and rewards for providing liquidity were introduced. The token was also listed on dyor.ninja and re:doubt, successfully passed verification on xJetSwap, a Web2 site was developed, and the first Airdrop was conducted.

Notably, at the peak of the price, none of the major holders exited, with the exception of one investor who entered at $200 and exited at $12k, which did not significantly affect the price.

The first integrations of the $WEB3 token as the sole means of payment have already been implemented:


The next step in the roadmap is the release of the TON DNS CLUB NFT collection. This collection promises to offer unique utility without distinction in rarity, attributes, or any other characteristics. All NFTs will provide the same privileges and possess real value.

WEB3 Marketplace

Our ecosystem is set to gain a domain marketplace that promises to surpass other platforms in terms of comfort and service. The creation of this marketplace is led by the team at YLEYLABS, headed by Vitaly Ulybin.

This team brings 20 years of experience in developing software and hardware solutions in the fields of IoT, IoB, and AI, which have been applied in two thousand industrial projects worldwide, including the productions of giants like Mercedes, Boeing, General Motors, as well as the railway networks of Israel, Spain, Singapore, China.

More information about the team and their completed projects can be found here.

To learn more about the tokenomics, utility, and future of the project, visit web3ton.io.

Closed chats gather the largest domain holders.

The founder @domainer, topping the list of TON DNS holders according to Getgems with a portfolio of 1280 domains, began his journey in December 2022, investing over 11k TON in domains. Since September 2023, he has been at the helm of TON DNS Club—the largest international community of domain owners, gathering enthusiasts, professionals, investors, and developers.

The club's ecosystem includes a network of channels and chats on Web3 and TON DNS, as well as a variety of services available at the link https://t.me/tondnsclub/5. The main channel @tondnsweb3 is the key source of TON DNS news and your guide to the decentralized Web3 world on TON, offering a comprehensive knowledge base on this topic.

Project Timeline

  • January 24, 2024: Launched the $WEB3 token—a utility token of the TON DNS Club ecosystem on the TON blockchain. The token was created with the goal of maximizing distribution among active users of the TON network and .ton domain holders, as well as the development of an integrated ecosystem and its use in TON DNS Club products.
  • January 26-28, 2024: Conducted a Private Sale for members of the Private Channel. The sale was manual and raised $10,000. More details here.
  • February 2, 2024: Official listing on DeDust. The token peaked at a price of $0.97, which is 97 times the Private Sale price ($0.01) and 29 times the Presale price ($0.033). The token climbed to the 2nd position in trading volume among all tokens, with a volume of $327k on that day. Additionally, the token reached the 1st position in the voting on dyor.io.
  • February 6, 2024: Listing on @xRocket.
  • February 7, 2024: Listing on STON.fi. The pool boosting on DeDust and farming on STON.fi were launched.

Wallet and Liquidity

On DeDust, the main wallet web3token.ton does not participate in the distribution. All profits go to the community.

The token administrator rights have been burned, and the initial liquidity is locked until the year 2333.

On DeDust, liquidity of 2530 TON and 124,700 WEB3 is locked.

On STON.fi, liquidity of 5200 TON and 16,450 WEB3 is locked.

All top holders of the $WEB3 token are long-term holders—these include individuals with a large number of domains and those with businesses in real life.

Plans and Prospects

Most participants who entered during the Private Sale also believe in the project and its development. There have been no major mass sell-offs, though a few cases of exiting the token were noted, such as this one.

We plan to launch the TON DNS domain marketplace in June, with a strong team of developers already onboarded. We will also develop Web3 sites, various services, and Telegram bots, as well as launch our own NFT collection. In all these projects, the $WEB3 token will be used as the means of payment.

There are already first integrations of WEB3 🕸 as a payment method:

  • Private channel and chat of TON DNS Club
  • TON DNS Viewer PRO
  • Track auctions
  • WEB3 Analytics Swaps

Services and bots are launched in collaboration with the top holders of domains and the token; we are also attracting external services to the club and ecosystem.

Comparing TON DNS with ENS (Ethereum Name Service), where the latter has 13 million active users and 800,000 domain owners with a total of 2.14 million domains, the growth potential for TON DNS looks impressive. Currently, TON has only 14.6 thousand holders and about 56 thousand domains.

Given that the TON audience could reach hundreds of millions, the number of domain owners is expected to increase to millions, and the demand for quality domains will drive prices up to tens, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars. 

Therefore, developing infrastructure for domain investors, including step-by-step training on Web3 and related services, is crucial. Top domain holders, with their resources, understanding of the product, and belief in the success of Web3 on TON, are best suited to handle this.