Rebalancer - Project Idea and Mechanics

Rebalancer is the first index token in the TON network with rebalancing in liquidity pools. The main idea of the project is to create a multitude of pools with the REBA token, between which automatic rebalancing occurs. Each such transaction incurs fees into the pools, thereby increasing their volume and liquidity. This mechanism is borrowed from the stock market, where rebalancing is done between securities in an investment portfolio. For instance, the S&P 500 index reflects the current market sentiment but does not influence individual companies. In contrast, Rebalancer positively affects each of the projects, gradually increasing the overall liquidity pool and pulling token prices upwards.

REBA Contract: EQBYk9Rp8jgFmxE6XIIOiPJSxObAwt6DdThRdTP7t3JQhcTz

Security and Stability

The fundamental security of the project is ensured by the rebalancing mechanism, which prevents the price from rising or falling sharply. With any large sale or purchase, a rebalancing occurs: a purchase in one pool is followed by a purchase or sale in other pools, thus stabilizing the price. The more liquidity pools connected to the project, the more stable the token.

This can be seen in the transaction history, which can be viewed under the chart: CHART

Here is what the chart looked like on June 27, 2024.

Development and Marketing

The Rebalancer team has extensive experience in the stock market and international marketing. They confidently increase liquidity and forge new partnerships, actively promoting their idea within the TON community. The project has already been verified by TON Keeper and TON Space wallets, with marketing campaigns underway, and the project gradually progressing. They had a soft launch, and after 2.5 months, by June 27, 2024, there are 480 holders. Currently, they operate pools on platforms like and, more details can be seen here.

New projects are already approaching them with proposals for cooperation and creating joint pools, however, they are selective in their partnerships.

You can see the liquidity chart across all pools here.

Current and Future Plans

Currently, they have 51 pools, and plans to increase them to 100 by the end of 2024. One of the key stages of project growth is rebalancing volumes between liquidity pools. For example, if the token value rises in one pool relative to REBA and falls in another, they manually conduct rebalancing, which helps to increase funds in the pools for the long term. They also plan to develop software that will automatically balance prices between exchanges and platforms in the pools by liquidity volume.


You can buy REBA on or

You can add liquidity to the pools in REBA and receive a percentage from the transactions. For example, for June 27, the following profitability was recorded:

Pool profitability with REBA for June 27, 2024 (shows for the last day)

How to add liquidity to the pools:

πŸ—ΏLink to the Ston.FI pool πŸ”œ instruction for Ston.FI

πŸŒ‡ Link to the pool πŸ”œ instruction for

The project's roadmap includes token burning during rebalancing and significant events, which reduces their supply and makes the tokenomics deflationary. There are a total of 100,000,000 REBA, the main pools with TON are locked and burned. As of today, the price is $0.0037, whereas at the start it was $0.00001. Since the launch (April 2024), the growth has been x350. A cross-chain platform with bridges for operation in different networks will also be developed in the future.

You can check the current price here.

First Results with Partners

One of the first partners was the "Code of Durov" (CODE) project.

The pool was created on the partner's side with an initial amount of $800: 50% in REBA and 50% in CODE. In 11 days, the pool grew to $3400, which means a gain of $2600. During this time, the pool purchased CODE coins, increasing their amount from 17,000 to 54,000.

Pools with REBA automatically purchase your coins during rebalancing, acting as permanent holders.

If you have read up to this point, don't forget to support them with a like, ask questions in the comments, and subscribe to the channel. And, of course, consider purchasing REBA. Their goal is to first reach one cent, and then grow to $2 and beyond.

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  • Contract: EQBYk9Rp8jgFmxE6XIIOiPJSxObAwt6DdThRdTP7t3JQhcTz
  • Ticker: REBA
  • Total: 100,000,000


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