Meet DYOR minter

Meet DYOR minter

We are launching a series of releases aimed at supporting and simplifying the lives of token founders on TON. We believe that transparency in products starts with founders. The more convenient it is for them, the more transparent DeFi products will be for users.

Introducing - DYOR Minter

⚡ This is not just a token minter on TON. With this minter, token founders can update links in the token card on 

✔ Simply authenticate with the wallet that holds rights to your token and update the links so that your users can easily navigate to your community site or game directly from the token page on

🟢 And if you mint your token through our minter, the token will automatically be listed on the website.

The minter is built upon the minter from, to which we've added our own wrapper for smoother interaction and integration with

🔔 Stay tuned for more updates!

Sincerely, the team.