Godex Project (formerly Mine POO): The Upcoming DEX Aggregator on the TON Blockchain within Telegram

Godex Project (formerly Mine POO): The Upcoming DEX Aggregator on the TON Blockchain within Telegram

Godex, previously known as Mine POO, is developing a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator on the TON blockchain, which will be available as a Telegram Mini App. The rapid pace at which the world of cryptocurrencies is evolving is impressive, and Godex is at the epicenter of this whirlwind of innovation. Telegram's capabilities are being fully utilized to offer not just services, but a complete toolkit for working with cryptocurrency.

History and Team of the Project

The Godex project is being developed by crypto enthusiasts with experience in creating projects on the Blast L2 blockchain. This experience enables the team to implement innovative solutions and create products that meet the high demands of the modern cryptocurrency market. Their journey began with a project named Mine POO, where the main idea was to provide users a simple way to mine the meme-coin POO by tapping a “claim” button. After the mining phase ended, the team announced the development of a Mini App that will provide services on the TON blockchain, with the POO token playing a key role on the platform.

What's in Godex's Arsenal?

  • Staking: The ability to delegate your tokens to receive rewards.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange: Convenient and fast exchange of cryptocurrencies within the ecosystem, allowing users to easily manage their assets.
  • Cross-Chain Interaction: Support for interaction between the TON and EVM L2 blockchains, which expands functional capabilities and allows the use of various cryptocurrencies and dApps that operate on EVM.


The Godex project (formerly Mine POO) has already achieved impressive results:

  • 275,000 players: Interaction with the project shows a high level of user engagement.
  • Over 100,000 subscribers on Telegram: An active community interested in news and updates about the project.
  • Over 30,000 subscribers on Twitter.

Current Tasks

At the moment, the Godex team is focused on the following tasks:

  • Conducting a sale: An important step in attracting investment and increasing the liquidity of the project.
  • Launching staking: Opening up opportunities for users to receive rewards for delegating their tokens.
  • Launching the DEX aggregator in beta mode: This will allow users to test the functionality and provide their suggestions for improvement.

Future Plans

The future of Godex promises to be eventful: expanding functionality, improving user interface, and deeper integration with various blockchains. All these steps are aimed at strengthening Godex's position in the market as a reliable and convenient tool for working with digital assets on the TON blockchain.

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