DYOR Coin is a utility token of the DYOR.io platform, which is the largest analytical platform on the TON blockchain. This token plays a key role in interacting with various ecosystem products, providing users with a wide range of unique opportunities for working with blockchain and analytics.

History and Team

Previously, this project was known as Find & Check and had a similarly named token. During the rebranding, the token was renamed to DYOR Coin. The phrase "Do Your Own Research" (DYOR) sounds like a mantra to many in the cryptocurrency community, reminding of the critical need for deep analysis before investing in any asset or project. It reflects a commitment to thorough research and critical thinking, which are fundamental for making informed investment decisions. In this spirit, the rebranding and enhancement of the token's functionality were not just an attempt to improve but a drive to seamlessly integrate into the dynamically developing market, offering innovations and opportunities on the platform. The project team, formed of experienced blockchain industry specialists, not only works on improving existing tools but also tirelessly explores new horizons that help unlock the potential of blockchain technology even further.


The supply is 300,000 DYOR. You can track the distribution of tokens and their development plan via this link. The data on the site changes in real-time as new tokens enter the market. By the end of May 2024, the tokens are distributed as follows:

48.8% - tokens that are already on the market and not controlled by the DYOR team;

15% - tokens allocated for team expenses such as infrastructure, marketing, etc.;

13.3% - tokens allocated for replenishing liquidity on DEXax;

13.2% - tokens for future IDO;

13.1% - tokens to support members of the Dyor.io team.

Where to Buy

DYOR coin can be purchased on decentralized exchanges. Currently, the coin is successfully traded on the DeDust.io platform. Additionally, the coin's sale on the Ston.fi exchange is planned. Increasing the number of platforms for trading DYOR coin helps strengthen its status in the crypto economy, making it more accessible to a variety of market participants, from beginners to experienced traders. This not only promotes the growth of its community but also affects the integration of the coin into various aspects of the digital economy, strengthening its significance as a key element in the blockchain ecosystem.

Purpose and Use:

The DYOR Coin provides users and investors with a number of significant advantages:

  • Voting and Promotion of Tokens

Token holders can participate in voting for tokens on the DYOR.io analytical platform, facilitating their promotion and increasing visibility in the rankings.

  • Transparency and Trust

Open access to information about the distribution and use of tokens fosters a transparent environment and increases trust among the community of users and investors.

  • Active Community and Support

The DYOR.io platform maintains active interaction with users through various feedback channels, such as Telegram, where the latest news and updates are provided.

  • Security

The focus on creating a safe environment for investors, including education on recognizing reliable projects and avoiding fraud, is reinforced by various educational materials and tools for analyzing contracts and tokens on the DYOR.io platform.

Investing in DYOR Coin supports the development of the ecosystem and offers promising investment opportunities, considering the growth and development of the project.

Plans and Updates

Among the latest innovations are DYOR minter and DYOR Presale. DYOR minter allows users not only to create their own tokens through a user-friendly interface but also to manage them effectively, thus providing a foundation for the growth and development of individual projects and entire communities. It not only expands opportunities for individual developers and startups but also democratizes the process of issuing digital assets, making it accessible to everyone. DYOR Presale is a platform for conducting pre-sales of tokens, significantly simplifying the launch and promotion of new projects and helping attract investor attention. This tool not only accelerates the financing process for startups but also creates a sustainable ecosystem for the development of blockchain initiatives.

In the near future, the release of new tools is planned, which will make interacting with blockchain technologies even more convenient and intuitively understandable:

DYOR Wallet: A mobile wallet for storing and managing tokens. According to the developers, it promises to be innovative and functional, offering users a convenient and secure way to manage their assets, which is extremely important in today's digital world.

DYOR Whales: A tool designed to analyze the status of wallets of large holders and their behavioral patterns. This feature will allow users to better understand market trends and make informed investment decisions based on the analysis of the activity of major investors.

DYOR Graph: A graphical visualizer of the TON blockchain, allowing to explore blockchain data in the format of a journey through the solar system. This tool will be a real find for both beginners and experienced blockchain analysts, providing powerful capabilities for deep understanding of the structure and dynamics of blockchain networks.

In addition to the listed tools, the DYOR team plans to expand the arsenal of functionality so that you not only use the platform but also enjoy every interaction with it. These updates will demonstrate not only the technical progressiveness of the project but also its orientation towards the needs of the community.


For us, "DYOR" is more than just an abbreviation. It is the philosophy of the project that inspires us to make the platform better every day. We believe that continuous improvement and development are the keys to success in the rapidly changing world of blockchain technologies. Our team provides users with tools that help them better understand the cryptocurrency sphere and interact more effectively with it, and we strive to make our platform ideal for seekers of reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

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