What to Expect from TON? Token 2049 Conference in Dubai: Insights

What to Expect from TON? Token 2049 Conference in Dubai: Insights
TON Conference

At the international Token 2049 conference held in Dubai, Pavel Durov presented new possibilities and strategies for the cryptocurrency TON that could significantly change user interaction with Telegram. This event served as a platform for discussing the future of TON and its role in the digital payments ecosystem.

Today, let's recap the main plans of Pavel Durov that he voiced at the recent Token 2049 conference in Dubai.

What TON plans to do:

Provide even more freedom to developers and users.

More freedom means more than in other social networks, so the community can comfortably create applications and conduct business. Durov says that users also benefit from TON—they can communicate privately, express themselves publicly, and launch their own applications.

Introduce new features for creators.

Soon, Telegram will introduce a tipping system for content creators, with creators receiving 70% of these earnings. This will give creators more incentives to actively engage with their audience.

Share revenue.

Telegram plans to implement new ways of earning money, where a large portion of the money will go back to users and content creators. For example, half of the advertising revenue will go to owners, and content creators will receive 70% of tips. It is planned that merchants will receive all 100% of the revenue from the sale of physical goods and services.

Create NFTs.

Telegram plans to create NFTs from stickers and emojis, with artists receiving 95% of the sales. This will open up a new economy within the platform and a new way for artists to earn money.

Add new features to the TON wallet.

Telegram has a TON wallet that helps users manage their assets and use mini-applications through TON Connect. This makes using cryptocurrencies and blockchain products easier and more accessible for everyone. In the future, more features are planned to be launched for the wallet.

Launch USDT on TON.

The main innovation is aimed at making stablecoins more convenient to use in the Telegram ecosystem, which could attract even more users and transactions to the platform.

The positive market reaction noted by experts confirms interest in the innovations, although there are skeptical views regarding the long-term stability and novelty of the proposed changes. Nonetheless, the future plans demonstrate Telegram's ambition to create a strong and functional platform for transactions and interaction with cryptocurrency.