$SCAM token = SCAM?

$SCAM token = SCAM?

Today, we delve into the curious world of the $SCAM token. It's a project that stands as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the industry's hype and frequent disappointments. 

Born out of irony within the TON community, $SCAM distinguishes itself with a bold approach! Its branding outright advises against investment. Yet, paradoxically, this reverse psychology has fueled its popularity. From a parody, $SCAM was transformed into a big project complete with:

  • a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), 
  • educational platforms, 
  • and unique community services. We'll explore:

1. How $SCAM challenges conventional crypto norms through satire

2. Its unconventional journey from a cautionary tale to a community-driven phenomenon. 

Let's roll!

Reversive psychology, DAO, and edutainment — the new hype?

Loads of projects, at their launch phase, are all about crafting the slickest, most sellable, and, as folks say, “tasty” visuals. They're building out whitepapers and roadmaps, and in 80% of cases, they fade into the sunset without hitting even half of their plans.

The TON community's gotten so used to this that the line between legit unicorn projects and blatant scams is getting blurrier by the day.

So, how did the $SCAM token come about?

By a stroke of irony or a genius prank, the $SCAM token was born, rocking a crimson circle as its logo, with a blunt description: “Don’t buy this shit.” The creator threw in 100 $TON into liquidity, nuked the rights, and torched the LP.

You'd think that'd be a clear sign not to buy. But the crowd had other ideas. In a well-known apes’ holders chat, a contract popped up saying: “Rights revoked, liquidity torched. Do whatever you want.”

What did we get out of this? A DAO, the edu-entertainment channel SCAMscore, SCAMraid services for external projects, and upcoming collaborations with the offline world.

Reversive psychology or just the allure of the forbidden fruit?

As we know, “scam” ain’t exactly a term of endearment. Red screams bear market and downfalls. And that straightforward description? Says it all.

All this creates an overwhelmingly negative vibe, which gets shattered once you dive deeper into the project.

Tokenomics of SCAM

Scam Tokenomics

Fairlaunch — 100% of the issuance into the market. In a Fairlaunch scenario, the entire supply of the new cryptocurrency is typically distributed through a public sale or other mechanisms like liquidity mining, where users provide liquidity to earn the new tokens.

Plans and prospects

Keep Scam and Carry On

The ambitious roadmap includes the launch and enhancement of key services: SCAM AIRDROP?, SCAMraid, and SCAMscore. Each of these products will be crafted to address a significant need within the digital asset community - the need for enhanced security, transparency, and trust.

What’s SCAM DAO about?


It’s folks united in a decentralized org, steering the project through a voting system and internal decision-making structure within the DAO.

Joining this exclusive club is only possible with an NFT SCAM DAO PASS, snagged from GetGems, or sold through a collective DAO decision for $SCAM tokens.

How not to buy?

You really don’t have to snag $SCAM via the top-notch Dedust service if getting web3 ain’t your thing.

Channel in Telegram

Chat in Telegram

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