What kind of an animal is $REDO?

What kind of an animal is $REDO?

What kind of an animal is $REDO? REDO is a dog. But not just any dog - it's Telegram (un)official mascot, the Resistance Dog.

Origin Story - $REDO

The term “Resistance Dogs” and the logo of REDO was conceptualised by none other than Telegram and TON founder, Durov. Back in 2018, in response to attempts by the Russian government to restrict local IP access to Telegram, peaceful protests began. These protests were led by Durov, through his conceptualisation of Resistance Dog, a meme that became the very face of the digital resistance movement against the Russian Government’scensorship. REDO was created as a meme homage to Durov’s creation, and is the leading memecoin on TON.

On January 9, 2024, REDO was launched, and shortly after burning the initial liquidity pool tokens and renouncing the contract, the original developer abandoned the project. However, a community of like-minded individuals, understanding the narrative of Resistance Dog and its intricate ties to the very ethos of Telegram and TON, decided to takeover and make REDO a community run and owned token. The REDO community, also known as the Resistance, was formed and the rest is history.

Led by the Resistance, REDO has already achieved huge success within the TON ecosystem. Having spent 0$ on marketing since the community takeover, REDO has competed in TON’s Open League for 4 seasons straight, and has placed top 5 in multiple seasons. REDO has made its presence felt within the TON ecosystem with core team members attending events such as TON Society MeetUps, TOKEN2049, and MEMECON. REDO was also the first memecoin to be blog interviewed by the TON Foundation under the "TON Culture Kings" Series.

What's the Hype About the Resistance Dog?

The popularity of REDO stems from the close connection between its narrative and that of TON and Telegram. With access to existing infrastructure within Telegram itself such as the original Resistance Dog sticker packed used by Durov in his messages, and small easter eggs within Telegram branding designs, the Resistance grew exponentially into the most vibrant token community on TON. As community sentiment grew, so did the traditional metric of success - price. REDO was the first community run memecoin on TON to hit 100 million market cap.

Inspiration from Durov

Durov,’s ethos of resistance against digital censorship, is the main sources of inspiration for REDO, as is for Telegram and TON. Durov believed that memes could overthrow repressive regimes, and REDO decided to embody this idea by promoting Durov’s belief through establishing itself as the leading memecoin on TON.

"In Community We Trust"

The Resistance believes that each member of the community, no matter the reach or holdings, is an equal owner of REDO. For REDO, its community is not just a group of disconnected people - it's the collective foundation on which the Resistance is built on, and it guides and leads REDO. This strong social connection has allowed REDO to not only survive, but organically thrive, and without any reserved supply or marketing funds.

Contribution to the Ecosystem and the Future

REDO consistently demonstrates its significance in the TON ecosystem, being the trailblazing memecoin that has paved the path for others. The project aims not only to “resist” through memes, but also to facilitate the mass adoption of TON through cultural influence and social activity. The adoption through memes, especially REDO, is evident by its impressive daily trading volume, surpassing most other TON native memecoins on a daily basis.

To conclude, REDO is not just another memecoin, but the embodiment of the power of a community, its cultural significance, and the collective pursuit of digital freedom. In a world where memecoins can appear and disappear daily, REDO proves that true value is created not just by code but by collective efforts and faith in a shared idea.

The total supply is 100,000,000 coins. You can purchase $REDO on Ston.fi, BingX, LBank, SuperEx and CoinEx.