Nobby is free! Introducing the $SOX token from the creators of Nobby Game

Nobby is free! Introducing the $SOX token from the creators of Nobby Game

Nobby is an innovative Play-to-Earn game on the TON blockchain, combining the gaming industry with blockchain technology. The essence of the game revolves around the adventures of an elf, a charismatic character who strives to find freedom for himself and all his elf friends.

A new era begins in the TON world thanks to a project called $SOX by the folks at Nobby.Game. It’s not just any token; it's a whole universe where magic with money happens and new opportunities are created. Inspired by the whole crypto theme, the team decided to create something big, starting with a Play-to-Earn game that makes it easy for users to interact with blockchain technologies.

What's up with $SOX, and what about socks? Read on.

The $SOX Team

The Nobby. Game team are true masters of their craft, each living their project. They recently held their first AMA session online, where they shared plans and answered lots of questions from participants. This shows how open they are and ready to keep in touch with the community.

Soon they will release a new Play-to-Earn clicker game where you can not only kill time waiting for the main game but also earn $SOX tokens. Players will be able to spend them right in the game, and unique NFTs will add spice and exclusivity to the gameplay.


Regarding the $SOX economy, a large part of the tokens is reserved for in-game rewards. Although staking is still in development, mechanisms are already planned that will remove some tokens from circulation, ensuring their long-term stability.

So, Nobby operates on the TON blockchain, and they have their own $SOX tokens, a billion of them. The distribution of tokens is organized to keep everything balanced and support the game's economy.

Token distribution looks like this:

- 36.1% goes to rewards: 20% of all tokens are for player incentives. This is to motivate you and other players to play, participate in battles, complete tasks, and help develop the Nobby universe. Such rewards maintain activity and help keep the game interesting.

- 11.1% for staking: Staking is when you freeze your tokens and get rewards for it. It helps strengthen the security and stability of the game, and also gives you extra bonuses.

- 5% for airdrops: These are free token giveaways to attract new players or reward current ones.

The rest of the distribution is as follows:

- 35% for game launch (Fairlaunch)

- 18.9% for DEX listings (decentralized exchanges)

- 5% for game development: This money goes towards updates, bug fixes, and adding new features. It’s important for keeping the game at its best and meeting community expectations.

- 5% to the development team: This motivates those who create and support the game to continue working on the project and invest their efforts.

Sustainability and Growth:

The entire tokenomics system is designed to support sustainable growth. Distributing tokens for rewards, staking, marketing, development, and team motivation should help the game develop and stay relevant for players.

Over time, changes may be made to the tokenomics in response to community feedback or market changes. The main goal is to remain transparent and flexible so that Nobby continues to be at the forefront of the Play-to-Earn game revolution.

What's the advantage? And why $SOX?

Every elf should have a sock. In this case, $SOX is such an attribute for the elf and a reward for the user.

Rewards for Staking

Nobby has introduced a staking mechanism that allows players and investors to earn rewards by freezing their $SOX tokens. This stimulates long-term participation and investment in the Nobby ecosystem. By locking $SOX tokens, participants not only help secure the network but also receive rewards in the form of additional $SOX tokens, NFTs, or exclusive access to special events and content in the Nobby universe.

Governance Participation

At the heart of the Nobby ecosystem is a decentralized governance system that gives token holders a voice in the development and future direction of the game. Holding $SOX tokens, members of the Nobby community can participate in important governance votes, influencing decisions on game updates, feature implementations, and community fund allocations.

Unique NFT Ecosystem

Nobby uses the power of NFTs to provide unique in-game assets that players can own, trade, and use in battles. These NFTs include customizable elf characters with various elemental powers and rare items that enhance gameplay. Owning these NFTs adds strategy and personalization to the game, as well as real-world value since these assets can be traded on NFT markets.

Continuous Engagement and Rewards

Nobby constantly strives to keep the community engaged and rewarded through innovations in gameplay, events, and updates. Thanks to

 P2E mechanics that allow players to earn tokens through gameplay and special events offering exclusive NFTs, the game ensures there are always new challenges and rewards on the horizon.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

With a focus on accessibility, Nobby aims to attract players of all levels and degrees of blockchain familiarity. The game's design focuses on simple interfaces, understandable mechanics, and detailed guides to lower the entry barrier for new players. This, together with the game’s availability on mobile platforms, ensures that Nobby is accessible to a wide audience, expanding its community and potential player base.

Choosing Nobby means becoming part of an innovative P2E game that values its community, rewards participation, and offers real governance influence. With its unique combination of strategic gameplay, staking rewards, governance participation, and an innovative NFT ecosystem, Nobby sets a new standard in the blockchain gaming space. As the game grows and evolves, so too will the opportunities for players and token holders, making Nobby not just a game to play, but an ecosystem to be part of.

How to buy $SOX?

$SOX is available for purchase on several platforms:

  • xRocket Bot in Telegram