New name, new future - DYOR Coin


πŸ’™ Many have already noticed that in recent months, our team has been working on rebranding. New products immediately appear under the name DYOR, while old ones are gradually being renamed.

πŸŽ‰ Today, we want to announce the renaming of our old token FCK to DYOR Coin and several future products. has truly become an indispensable tool for the entire TON community. Users love DYOR and use it. Thanks to its effectiveness, DYOR has become a household name, and now we face the complex task of not losing the potential of the project and the trust of the community.

πŸš€ Because of this, we have decided to develop not just an analytical tool but an entire ecosystem of products that will be interconnected, including through our updated utility token DYOR Coin. More details about the token and the products we are already working on can be read on a special website. (

✍️ What you need to know about DYOR Coin:
The token contract remains the same as it was; only the name, logo, and ticker will change.
The supply of 300,000 coins will not change; details about the tokenomics can be found here (
Gradually, the new name will start appearing everywhere (tonscan, tonviewer,, Coingecko, etc.).

We will continue to launch new tools for both current and new users of the TON blockchain and create conditions for the token's use within our products.

Stay with us and keep up with the news.

Sincerely, the team


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