Who are you, Povel Durev?

Who are you, Povel Durev?

Povel Durev is a sensational memecoin in the TON network, inspired by the legendary creator of Telegram and advocate for freedom of speech, Pavel Durov.

“Durev - President of the World!!!”

Developers position Povel Durev as "the greatest entrepreneur of all time in the world, who created the company Telegram, transmitting messages through the air using electricity."

"He is the president of TON - his job is to make billions of TON. Our job is to make billions of tons of memes," states the project's official website. "He emerged victorious from battles with the KGB, the SEC, and the whole world alone. Now it's our time to fight for him! $DUREV is made for strong-willed and good people."

Project Launch History

Povel Durev was launched in April 2024. In the TON community, almost everyone knows the story of Durev with the comma: during the token distribution, many presale participants accidentally received huge amounts in their wallets due to a coder's error with one comma in the calculations.

Bur the developers gracefully resolved this situation, ultimately launching successfully and not abandoning their users in trouble - this further united the community around the project and laid the foundation for positive progress.

Development and Future Plans

Right now, Durev is actively developing: many points of the Roadmap have already been successfully completed.

Recently, the Povel Durev trading bot was launched - an advanced trading tool in the TON network. The number of app users has already surpassed 20,000 at the time of writing this article for the Dyor blog. Inside the bot, trading challenges are regularly held in collaboration with other TON projects partnering with Durev.

In the near future, the launch of its own VPN and Launchpad is planned.

Tokenomics and NFTs

The $DUREV token initially appeared on DEX Dedust and StonFi, and then centralized exchanges one after another started listing this token - now the coin is traded on CEX Gate, MEXC, BingX, Coinstore, Exmo, CoinEx.

Currently, $DUREV is essentially a community token with a market capitalization of approximately $10 million and an average daily trading volume of $1 million (at the time of writing this material for Dyor, and growing).

Right now, two NFT collections of Povel Durev have already been launched - the tokens literally "flew off the shelves like hot cakes" in a few minutes in both the first and second sales.

Partnerships with Other Projects

Developers state that they are always open to new partnerships with other projects - thus fulfilling the noble tasks of uniting and consolidating the TON ecosystem. Also, within the framework of partnerships, the well-being of NFT and token holders is a priority - they repeatedly receive airdrops of various promising projects.